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Light and Lighting
Informations about Lighting Technology, Light sources and light controlling.

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LED Bulbs Light sources
  • Energy saver lamps
  • The kinds of light sources (description)
  • Ra Colour Rendering Index
  • Comparison table with incandescent bulbs, energy saver, LED retrofit lamps
  • Reference comparison table light sources codes and names
  • Ballast for HQI metal halide or sodium lamp - wiring plan

  • Fresnel lens spotlights, projectors Light Fixtures /
  • Projector kinds
  • Luminous flux, calculation of the beam size
  • Recommended Lighting Levels
  • Flash - The search engine for your best spotlight (beta phase)
  • Isolation classes / IP protection grades

  • LED Streetlights and solar lights Street Lighting
  • Comparison table for LED replacement street lights
  • Upgrade of road lights to energy economizing technology
  • Solar Streetlights

  • Licht controllers
  • Light control desks
  • Control signals, analog, DMX & Co ?
  • Further signal protocols (Midi, SMPTE, Com ...)
  • Multiplexors, Boosters
  • Light control system for hall lighting
  • Havarie safety
  • FAQs - Most questions
  • More questions and answers in the Forum

  • 6 channel dimming packs Dimmers
  • Dimming technologies
  • Analog /digital dimming
  • Noise filtering quality on dimmers
  • Havarie safety on dimmers

  • Samples and references

    and Examples
  • Application samples for trade, work, industry in preparation
  • Planning drawing of a simple stage light control system
  • Planning drawing of a professional stage light control system
  • Positioning of spotlights in a multi purpose hall
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